Why Speed-To-Market Matters (and new song cover on the way)

…Well, damnit. Way back in May, I started working on a cover of Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me.” I meticulously mapped out every note, and began the grueling process of rewriting it as a rock song, learning each instrument, and recording. Actually, this video has some great insights on how I go about this process. But I digress…

I shelved the song over the summer to work on the first season of Jamnatomy. Now that the season is finished, I jumped back into this song. The idea was to release a cinematic-style video along with the song, so I was taking my time.

Then Lindsey went and screwed it all up by releasing the official sheet music and tablature for Shatter Me. I’m sure that sounds like no big deal, until you consider the rush of amateur covers that will no doubt hit the interwebz in the coming weeks.

So here I am, sitting on a completed song without a completed video. Lesson learned. Speed-to-market is EVERYTHING.

Stay tuned for the song and video release in January!


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