New Video: Shatter Me

THE SONG: Lindsey Stirling is an amazing performer and musician. What can I say, I’m an absolute fan-boy. Shatter Me is a jaw-dropping, chart-topping hit, thanks in no small part to the razor-sharp precision of vocalist Lzzy Hale. It’s a musically challenging song that carries a depth not found in a lot of popular music.

From the moment I heard Shatter Me, I wanted to re-imagine it as a rock song. So, I sat down and first transcribed the entire song…which is actually ironic, because about a month ago, Lindsey released the guitar sheet music/tablature. Go figure. The performance differs from mine, but musically, my transcription is note-for-note accurate to the song, with just enough pissed off attitude to call this version my own.

I wanted to stay true to the rock format, so I performed this using my guitars, a bass, drums, and my voice…nothing more.

THE VIDEO: I’m not fond of repeating myself. I tend to push the boundaries of my abilities in music and production constantly. Rather than go through the motions of another “studio video,” I began toying with the idea of a “theatrical” music video when it was first released last year. I’m still self-producing all video, graphics, and music, so I worked on the song on and off while further-developing my visual production skills over the past 9 months or so.

Also, If you’ve seen the original music video, hopefully you’ll pick up on some of the videos’ conceptual parallels. I’m extremely excited with the results, and I hope you enjoy.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more (or will be in a few days)


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