New Video: Living Dead Girl (A 2015 Halloween Treat)

I was digging around my old music catalog for something spooky and fun to cover this fall. The Monster Mash and Thriller have been done to death. I wanted something that you don’t really see people doing.

Then it hit me — Rob Zombie is synonymous with dark imagery these days. “Living Dead Girl” was a smack in the face to the angsty nu-metal craze of the late 90’s and an instant classic.

In short, it had everything I was looking for. Sure, it’s not the most intricate song I’ve tackled, but hey, it’s Halloween 2015 and that means sexy zombie chicks are fair game.

The Song

Rather than tear the song apart, I decided to bust out my best RZ impression and keep it mostly intact (aside from a few self-indulgent tweaks).

There are actually a comical number of layers needed to produce Rob’s signature sound, so if I get enough interest I might consider doing a track walkthrough. I’m even thinking about uploading some of my Line 6 Pod HD500x / HDPro patches since there are some very cool sounds. If that’s something you’re interested in, speak up.

For the movie samples, I went back to the original sources — The 1971 films Lady Frankenstein & Daughters of Darkness.

The Video

This is my second full-fledged theatric music video. There are so many visual techniques that I’ve learned over the past year or so and I did my best to incorporate them all here, from lighting and color-grading to lenses & camera angles. I could write a book on this stuff already, so I’ll stop there for now. Just know that I had a blast making this and learned a TON. …ESPECIALLY how to NOT delete the entire night’s worth of footage by accident. Yes, that happened, and yes, I’m sure I’ll probably vlog about it at some point. Woops.

Thanks to Jeremy & Cat for putting up with me and helping out with this project, and thanks to you for taking the time to check it out. Happy Halloween 2015. I present to you — LIVING DEAD GIRL, CGi Style.

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