Yes, You CAN Be A Musician in An Apartment (a.k.a. How To Build A Sound Booth)

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I built a sound booth (though I hate the word “booth”) in my apartment garage. Call it what you want I guess — vocal booth, sound booth, sound room, iso booth, bomb shelter, etc. The list goes on and on.

Anyway, I posted a couple short videos on YouTube a while back about this build. It gained a fairly decent amount of attention. Enough so that I’ve been very, very busy over the past 3+ months in response.

This post is a long time in the making. 1 year almost to the day, to be exact. For my fellow musicians that need an isolated place to record and/or practice, this one’s for you. Check out this video and then click the link below to learn more.

Read more about the Modular Soundproof Room Builder’s Guide

I’m not telling you how much time I lost…err…spent

The room build itself was nuts, but then I went and created that comprehensive guide on the entire build.

Then, I had to build the online account and checkout system for it. Now, I’m a web developer so this stuff is straightforward for me, but it’s still no walk in the park.

Then, I had to build videos and content around all of it so people actually know it exists.

I really, honestly, truly don’t know how I stuck it out. Heck, the guide in its downloaded format is roughly 160 pages alone…and that’s not counting the video and 3D models, both of which took an insane amount of time to put together. Just thinking about how many hours I put into this material blows my mind.

Quality AND Quantity

But I refused to half-a$$ it. This was a passion project. I poured everything I had into it to help others in my situation become a little more productive in an unproductive environment.

Now, I’m not giving it away for free. Sorry guys, the sheer volume of information in this guide warrants something in return. Anyone serious enough to take on a build like this will see that this much experience-based info is worth its weight in gold.

Still, considering how niche this build is, I realize that this will never be a profitable thing and I’m fine with that. I just want to see this in the hands of people that will take it seriously and do amazing things with it. If that’s you, jump on over here and give it a shot.

p.s. Special thanks to my wife Cat for putting up with months of me building this crazy thing.

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