Home Studio Tour (2020) With Sound Booth

I get a lot of random questions about the equipment I use and how my home studio is set up, so I figured a home studio tour vlog would be a fun way to address some of the more common ones.

My core studio consists of a Windows 10 computer, Focusrite 18i20 interface, a Behringer Xenyx Control2USB for playback signal management, KRK Rokit and Fostex monitos, and a Behringer Ultrapatch Pro for quick patch changing. From there, I run a Rode NT1 for vocals in my soundroom / sound booth, an Alesis Strike Pro (I can’t have an acoustic kit where I live), and all of my guitar goodies (LTD, Ibanez, Dean, Ovation, Positive Grid, Korg, Furman, Mesa, and Line 6). I also quickly touch on my video equipment, though that’s mostly because it’s all kind of intermingled.

This video is a bit ironic, considering I made a video last year about how too much gear made me suck as a musician. Fair enough. On the surface, it seems like a paradox because you either have too much gear and waste all your time on it, or you have just enough to get the job done. What I found over the past year was that too much gear absolutely does slow you down…at first.

As long as you implement it in a way that will help you down the road, you can turn it into a time investment instead of a drain on time and productivity. As I mention in this video, I was more productive in the last half of 2019 than I was since 2013, by far.

All that said, don’t take this too seriously. Sometimes it’s fun to just noodle around with gear when you’re not working on the next chart-topping single.

Watch My Home Music Studio Tour With Soundbooth / Soundroom on YouTube

… …and just for kicks after you’ve seen all of that, check out my hilariously tiny home studio walkthrough back in 2015, complete with a seriously over-explained equipment rundown. ? https://chadedwardmusic.com/my-recording-studio-walkthrough-part-1-2015/

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