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I got published. Somebody pinch me.



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About 2 months ago, approached me to write a guest post. First of all, how cool is that! They ran across a blog comment that I made on their site, traced me back, and saw what I was building here at

They were happy to work with me to come up with a good topic to cover, but I had something better in mind — a companion article to an episode that I was shooting for my new web show, Jamnatomy. You see, I had wondered for years how well a home-recorded song would stack up against the same song if it were professionally-recorded, and this show was the perfect excuse to give it a shot and publish my findings.

The problem was, the episode wasn’t ready. Ok, that’s an understatement; the entire series hadn’t premiered yet, and this episode wouldn’t air for 4 weeks after premiere. Surprisingly, Shaun Letang, the owner of didn’t mind the wait. So with a pending invitation on the table, I doubled down and got to work.

Fast-forward a couple months, Jamnatomy is jamming along, the episode aired this past week, and I submitted my blog article to Shaun got back to me within a day, and today he published it.

So, to recap, I had never written an article in my life before June 1st, 2014 when I officially launched I now have a web site with a fair amount of articles, a web show that is making waves, a slowly growing network, and I’ve been published by a high-traffic web site. Holy $#!% guys, this content building stuff works, and it’s crazy-fun. I highly recommend it if you have the discipline.

So with all that said, here’s the link to the article:

Chad Edward Guest Post on

…and yes, this is, in effect, a blog post about a blog post. I fail to see the problem there. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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