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Find me in all of the usual places. YouTube for most of my big releases, Facebook for regular updates, Instagram for more personal day-to-day life stuff, and Twitter for absolute randomness. I do NOT cross post. Unique content on each network. Chad on YouTube Chad on Facebook Chad on Instagram [...]

April 29, 2015 Chad Blog, Featured 0

My Recording Studio – Walkthrough Part 1 (2015)

I’ve been using small-but-quality recording components since I started around 15 years ago. I simply haven’t needed anything more until recently. Aside from a short stint with the disastrous Tascam US-800, I’ve always run nothing more than a couple microphones and a 2-channel interface. Electric guitars & bass have usually [...]

April 23, 2015 Chad Blog, Featured, Featured - Main 1

Jamnatomy: New Season & Retrospective

This is a long overdue post, but I’ve been crazy busy makin’ shiz happen. Here’s the short n’ skinny… In 2014 I started this web show, and let me tell you…putting it together was a trip. I was stuck handling video production and hosting duties, script-writing, and promotion all at [...]

March 12, 2015 Chad Blog 0

What’s That Guitarist Doing With A Keyboard?

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with EDM. I generally don’t like it as a genre by itself, but I absolutely love when it’s infused with more dominant music genres. Case-in-point, rock & metal. When used correctly, the classic dual-guitar attack of a rock band plus layers of well-written synth lines [...]

February 22, 2015 Chad Blog, Featured 0