Home Studio Tour (2020) With Sound Booth

2020 Home Studio Tour

I get a lot of random questions about the equipment I use and how my home studio is set up, so I figured a home studio tour vlog would be a fun way to address some of the more common ones. My core studio consists of a Windows 10 computer, [...]

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Yes, You CAN Be A Musician in An Apartment (a.k.a. How To Build A Sound Booth)

As seen on BetterSoundproofing.com. I built a sound booth (though I hate the word “booth”) in my apartment garage. Call it what you want I guess — vocal booth, sound booth, sound room, iso booth, bomb shelter, etc. The list goes on and on. Anyway, I posted a couple short [...]

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New Video: Living Dead Girl (A 2015 Halloween Treat)

I was digging around my old music catalog for something spooky and fun to cover this fall. The Monster Mash and Thriller have been done to death. I wanted something that you don’t really see people doing. Then it hit me — Rob Zombie is synonymous with dark imagery these [...]

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My Recording Studio – Walkthrough Part 2 (2015)

Hello and welcome to part 2 of this short studio walkthrough series. In this installment, we’re covering studio hardware and sound treatment. No need for a long intro. Let’s jump right in! Sound Treatment This is one area that I haven’t spent a lot of time or money on, admittedly. [...]

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