Alesis Strike Pro – Hype or Hit?

The Alesis Strike Pro is in a class all its own because of the sheer number of pads and cymbals at its price point. That doesn’t immediately make it a great investment. With all of its quirks, is it still as great a value as it seems?

In this episode of Woo! More Gear!, I attempt to answer that question as well as dive into my personal experience after owning the kit it for a while.

I’ve been thinking about putting this video together for a long time, but it was tricky figuring out how to best approach the subject without over-hyping or under-valuing this drum set. I finally just sat down and went for it. I had a lot to say, so this is much more long-form than normal.

If you’d like to chat with a ton of Strike Pro owners, check out the Strike Pro Owners Group on Facebook.

If you’re looking to purchase, I suggest (you can actually see my original review there on how I felt about the Strike Pro shortly after purchase). I am an affiliate with them, but it’s because they’ve always taken care of me and their prices are REALLY hard to beat.

Note – this video is my honest opinion and I’m not sponsored by Alesis, nor am I a Roland hater (though I do take a few shots, admittedly).

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